What is Elix?
Elix is a blockchain platform that allows users to make payments, create and request loans, and crowdfund projects. Elix is superior to traditional payments, lending, and crowdfunding systems due to its trustless and immutable nature.
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Built on Ethereum
Built on top of Ethereum's blockchain technology, with the ability to leverage the power of smart contract creation.
Elixir is mined through time, unlike other currencies which require powerful machines and computing power to mine tokens. This mining process began with an airdrop of genesis addresses.
The ELIX lending service will provide a true P2P lending experience. These loans include an incentive to encourage borrowers to pay back their loans on time, and for lenders to provide these loans to borrowers. Both the borrower AND lender are rewarded for their successful loan participation.
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Payment Ledger

Track, manage and request payments through our payment ledger. We believe ease of use and an intuitive interface are key in driving adoption.

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We’re developing smart contracts to facilitate decentralized crowdfunding. We’ll help establish the legitimacy of projects supported on our platform, so that users have clear information about who and what they’re supporting. With millions raised for single blockchain projects, taking a cut of crowdfunding earnings provides one possible revenue stream for ELIX.
Test the smart contracts here
David Jackson
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Jackson is a graduate of Stanford University with interests and experience in entrepreneurship, technology and finance. Prior to ELIX, Jackson worked in the Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory (SISL), Stanford Space Rendezvous Lab (SLAB), and a nanoparticle laboratory at Duke University. Jackson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Stanford University.
Munir Safi
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Safi is a graduate of Indiana University, with a degree in Computer Science and focus in Intelligent Systems. He has professional experience working as a Software Developer at General Motors, and as an advisor and developer for various startups.
Q3 2017
Elixir Smart Contracts Published

- Mobile lending platform announced
- Listed on multiple exchanges

Q1 2018
Elix Company

- Elix LLC registered with trademarks submitted
- Team reveal and additional recruitment
- New website with revamped whitepaper

Q1 2018
Elix Mobile App Alpha Test

- In-house testing of functional prototype
- Prototype published and linked to Ethereum blockchain with real-time scanning, and information transmitting through sockets to mobile devices

Q1 2018
Social Network Features Integration

- Ability to add messages and replies when lending and borrowing
- "Like" functionality implemented
- View reward progress on transaction between users

Q2 2018
Elix Mobile App Beta Test

- Private closed beta
- Open beta launched to public
- Integration of feedback and improvements

Late Q2 2018
Elix Mobile App Public Release

- Public release to the iOS App Store
- Public release to the Google Play Store
- Continuous integration of feedback
- Explore further feature additions.

Q3 2018
Elix Web App Public Release

- Web application release for desktop interface
- Easy linking between desktop and mobile apps

Q4 2018
Begin Development of Collateral and Reputation-based Lending Platform

- Development of platform to automatically link borrowers and lenders across the world
- Integration of a reputation-based system to establish credibility between lenders and borrowers
- Integrate Elix into other application services and businesses
- Further research into application extension and modifications

Elix can be traded on the following exchange platforms:
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